Vacuum Sealer 1CS600A
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Vacuum Sealer 1CS600A Features:
1. The leading technology of Japan and South Korea integrates vacuum, sealing and inflation into one.
2.The sealing adopts air pressure type, which completely changes the phenomenon that the seal of traditional packaging is not firm
3.Vacuum is very fast, only 2-3 seconds to complete
4.It is not limited by the shape and size of the product, so it can be used for vacuum packaging for extremely large or odd-shaped objects
5.It also has the function of inflation, which can be used to fill the bag with the required gas
6.Suitable for electronic products; Such as semiconductors, chips, IC, fabrics, cotton and wool products, sponges, etc., vacuum packaging, reduce packaging volume, save your logistics costs, for food, vegetables, seafood, electronics and other products filled with nitrogen or other gas, keep fresh, original taste, and can prevent impact.

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