Single Table Air-blow Auto Screw Locking Machine
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Factory automatic screw locking machine air-blowing type adsorption type desktop type single-Y Double-Y
Hand - held instruction programming, simple operation, one person to manage multiple machines
Fast locking speed, about a second a screw
It can realize sliding teeth, leakage lock, floating lock detection and adjustable torque
Universal type strong, can match the air blowing type, adsorption type feeder, electric batch nozzle replacement is convenient
The feeder can be either adsorption or blowing
Special specifications can be customized
The difference between adsorption type and air blowing type automatic screw locking machine
I. adsorption 
 1,Compared with the air blowing type, its structure is relatively simple and the manufacturing cycle is relatively short.
Main features
If the screw is too small or too short, the pneumatic (pipeline) machine can not achieve automatic nail feeding, the need for this machine, automatic screw locking machine, the robot drives the batch to suck the screw and move the lock (a point by point lock screw).Screw is mainly through the batch head of the compressed air generated by the adsorption force, remove a single screw, and then run to locate the product hole, the batch down automatically locked into the product.The efficiency of material separation is related to walking distance and running speed, generally 1.5-4s PCS.
2, adsorption type is generally suitable for relatively small length, automatic screw locking machine, light weight, blowing type can not achieve the screw, at the same time the screw head surface energy and batch vacuum suction head cavity to form a certain air tightness.Suitable for most screws, especially screws that do not meet the length-diameter ratio requirements can be used.Compared with the suction type, the blowing type lock screw machine directly delivers the screws to the nozzle, which saves the time of taking screws back and forth, and the automatic lock screw machine is more efficient and stable.In today's era of rapid product upgrading, investment in fixed assets can be greatly saved.
Άς. air blowing
1, air blow automatic lock screw machine it is composed of automatic screw feeding machine system (namely screw feeding machine) and automatic manipulator, is the screw through compressed air blowing to the nozzle below, the electronic batch down for automatic lock into the product.Among them, the screw making path is controlled by the manipulator programming, and the pneumatic screw feeding system works together. In addition, the screw sliding tooth, floating lock, leakage lock, screw releasing and no screw detection are added.The complete set of equipment is fully automatic cooperation, the advantages of this mode of automatic screw locking machine is flexible and stable, high efficiency.According to the set coordinates, the machine automatically completes the product lock payment.Z axis can be installed 2 or 4 electronic batch lock payment at the same time, the production efficiency is very high.
2. Air blowing type is generally suitable for screws below m5, with the length less than 25, and the total length of the screw l should be greater than 1.3 coils of the diameter of the screw head d, otherwise, there will be a side turn phenomenon in the feeding pipe, automatic screw locking machine equipment, so that it cannot be sent out normally, and the material separation efficiency can reach 1spcs.

repeatability precision
work load
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