Ul-9073 Smoke Purification System
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Application sites:
Soldering iron (up to 4 stations), tin furnace tin immersion, laser marking, laser engraving, small wave soldering, grinding and cutting of smoke, dust, odour, toxic and harmful gases have good purification and filtration effect.
1. Appearance and construction
(1)The appearance is simple and generous, steady and elegant. Integrated fuselage design, metal frame structure, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray technology, durable. With stainless steel wire drawing panel more classic exquisite, refreshing!
(2)Top is equipped with high-quality plastic handle, delicate handle, stable and reliable, easy to carry.
(3)Small size of the product, no installation, conducive to clean and beautiful workspace, easy to move.
2. Fan
(1)DC brushless motor, built-in controller form, performance, quality more guaranteed.
(2)Stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long working hours. No need for regular maintenance, lower cost.
3. Filtration system
(1)Four-fold filter design is adopted. Filter layer by layer to ensure that harmful fumes are filtered more thoroughly. The purification rate can reach 99.9999.
(2)Modular design, layer by layer protection. At the beginning, high efficiency can be replaced separately, filter life is longer and replacement cost is lower.
(3)Internal unique sealing structure, combined with special sealing materials, allows all harmful substances to pass through the filtration system, filtering efficiency is higher.
(4)Built-in cycle active filter to avoid indoor air conditioning / heating out of the outdoor, do not damage the operating section of the temperature and humidity environment.
4. Smoke collecting device
(1)The machine is equipped with universal smoking arm, can change direction at will, positioning (length can be customized according to customer requirements). The end part is equipped with a new smoke collection cover, with unique shape and high smoking efficiency.
(2)The installation is simple, the use is convenient, does not need to lay the pipeline separately.

Type number


Air inlet interface

φ 75mm (can be changed to 2 75mm imports or 1 90mm import)

input voltage

AC220V 50Hz

power rating


Wind volume

370m3 /h

Filtration effect

0.5 μ m 99.99%


< 60dB

Smoking pipe (standard)

Bamboo tube 75mm*L1.4M (can be replaced by hose according to actual demand)

Exhaust pipe (matching)

Outlet flange, connecting 100mm hose

Fuselage size (mm)

L405 × W300 × H420

Fuselage weight(excluding smoking arms)



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